Monday, October 31, 2011

The Everything Wedding Bridal Show

When I arrived at the Adamson House at 8 a.m for the Everything Wedding Bridal Show on Oct. 16th, the organized chaos began within seconds. Armine, who gives off an Anna Wintour/Ari Gold vibe was trying to get the models and dresses together, the photographers were finding good backgrounds and the DJs were getting their music together. Once everyone was settled, the hair and make-up process began. The models, including myself, sat in a chair while two women toyed with our hair and face until they met R-mine standards. Then the photography began. The couture and high fashion style of R-mine’s designs were very evident while being photographed for half an hour. When every model was photographed by Armen Asadorian, we were moved to a set with a Marie Antoinette-French Countryside theme. The set was designed by R-mine’s own Holly Ohanessian and amazing upcoming director Armen Khechoomian. We sat or stood for hours while people came to look at the dresses. At first glance you saw colorful and lively Armine and her staff immediately going to work. The gorgeous scenery was causing everyone to go into a bit of a dreamy-state. The cold, dark morning, which soon turned into a warm, summery day was the perfect weather for Marie Antoinette-esqe show. There were several different booths set up, from traveling agencies for honeymoons to catering services. The most buzzed about set was R-mine's, to no surprise. As the models were getting dolled up, people who were walking by the beach murmured "How beautiful," "How gorgeous are these dresses?." The dresses had the power to make heads turn. The colors, such as an over a decade year old red dress, wowed the to-be brides. As most wedding dresses are white, R-mine is full of color!
Each one of R-mine’s dresses can be personalized to fit the style and character of each bride. Armine clearly demonstrated that fashion isn’t just in the clothes, it’s in the person who created the designs and the person who wears it. R-mine’s collection is unique, elegant, eccentric, and modern, yet timeless and classic.

                                                                            By: Camille Aroustamian

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